Ron Morosan | lives and works in New York City and maintains studios in Staten Island and upstate, New York

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Ron Morosan painting exhibition in Spain | November 9-29, 2012

Location/Placement Theory

Loft Nota Bene
Cadaques, Spain

Painting Exhibition
November 9-29, 2012
Opening: November 24, 2012

In the age of global information systems and electronic social networks, is creating art in a particular geographic location still meaningful?

Ron Morosan says, “Yes it is. Creative thinking is, in essence, not informational in nature. Not the way I see it. I never know how circumstances of creative work will evolve when I?m in the midst of working. Though place and circumstance may be described as a form of subconscious determinism, I think place, condition, mood, atmosphere, and even temperature can have an influence on the outcome of an artwork.”

“ I?m painting portraits of literary or historic figures like Joseph Conrad, but at the same time including them in other multiple subjects, like abstraction, landscape, and still life.”

“I think creating art is a form of applied consciousness and there is a speculative component to this. Regardless of the style or format, be it improvisation, depiction, or abstraction, the consciousness of the artist is involved in an empirical situation that is demonstrated in the work of art and in the world of art.”