Moloster (Israeli-born, French) Painter | Lives and works in Paris, France
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Moloster portrait

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Born in Tel-Aviv on August 1, 1954, he lived in Israel then in Paris where he attended the Israëli School and finally in New York where he finished his studies, discovering his passion for drawing and painting.
After completing his military duties, he returned to Israel where he had his first exhibition in Tel-Aviv in 1979; and a second one at the House of the Journalists of Tel-Aviv.

In Paris since 1981, he takes advantage of his multi cultural inheritance, his acute sense of observation give his compositions a very unique character.

Often assimilated to the Haitian artists of the School of Saint Soleil defined by Andre Malraux. In May 1984, he exhibited in Paris and again, in 2007, in the colorful space of the celebrated Confiserie of Auteuil was well reviewed in the “Lettre Diplomatique” magazine.

In future plans include an exhibition in 2008 in Poland and in the future Cultural Space of the Consistory of Paris. Currently, his works can be seen at the Cercle Foch and in various Contemporary art Salons.

His work is in the private collection of Shimon Perez, President of the State of Israel.
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Moloster: Ange en Ciel, 2007 - painting
Ange en ciel
oil and acrylic son canvas
32 x 25 1/2 in.
(81 x 65 cm.)
Moloster: Jerusalem, 2006 - painting
oil and acrylic son canvas
24 x 31 1/2 in.
(61 x 80 cm.)