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Artist Statement

"Someone has said that I am a journalist-artist. Although it is not the totality of my work, I tend to paint the major events of our time. To me art should do more than merely represent things. It should give direction, motivation and, hopefully, inspiration. The artist really has got to feel these things, not merely think about them.

Overall, I want my art to reflect the human condition. But I want it to do more than that. When you look at my art, I want your spirit to be lifted heavenward. In the case of sadness, if I take you down in the "valley" and leave you there, I have failed; I want you to also feel the hope of a return to joy. If I have painted an old, crippled man, I want you to see that he is possessed of an indomitable spirit and a sense of purpose.

All great painting is painted with a sense of religiosity, not in the secular sense, and not just when the subject matter is of a religious nature, but there is a living spirit in the work. The most important thing to me is that you walk away from my work with a sense of righteousness, even if it’s only a shred."


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MacGibeny:  Woman by Window, 1994 - Painting
MacGibeny: Ladder, 1991 - Painting MacGibeny: Intersection, 1989 - Painting
Woman by Window Ladder Intersection

MacGibeny:  Figure, 1989 - Painting MacGibeny: Red Nude #2, 1994 - Painting
Figure Red Nude #2

MacGibeny: Man - Painting MacGibeny: Intellectual, 1994 - Painting MacGibeny: Night Window, 1994 - Painting
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