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My paintings and sculptures are about women and how we define ourselves in today's culture. Issues of family, work, domesticity, sexuality and gender are explored through contemporary notions of female-ness and female power with an absurdist's dark sense of humor. My subjects are strong contemporary women; women who take chances, women who dare to audaciously break the rules in the game of the sexes, and fantasies about them.

Pamela Joseph, 2006









































The Venus Transit Series - 2010-2011 Paintings
Cinematique | A Wall Installation - 2008-2009 (updated March 20, 2009)
Postcard Paintings
more works from the Postcard Paintings series and read the artist's statement
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Collage on Postcards
more works from the Collage on Postcard series and read the artist's statement
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Digital Prints & Collage
Monotype Series after Raoul Dufy
view the series of monotype series after Raoul Dufy and read the press release
The Hundred Headless Women - a wall installation
to see the installation, read the artist's essay & excerpt from the revue
published on Denver, June 25, 2006: click here
The Sideshow of the Absurd - an ongoing project
a traveling mechanical carnival installation of freaks, unnatural curiosities, and absurdities associated with the Other Sex

multimedia installation including humorous painted banners, drawings, digital prints and mechanical sculptures with carnival sounds
Pamela Joseph: Absurdities, 1998-2000 - Painted Banner
to see a selection from the show: installations, painted banners & works on paper click here
WKRPinc - Body Parts Project - 2004
WKRPinc. is a collaborative of three artists from Colorado and California: Kurosh ValaNejad, Robert Brinker & Pamela Joseph. They have worked on various projects together over the last ten years. Recently, they have developed a new series of paintings, wallpaper and fabric designs.
WKRPinc. is an acronym for the three members.
For more information: click here to visit the web site
Roman Calender Girl Series - 2003
to see the series click here
The Adventures of Pussy Marshmallow - a series of comics
to see a selection of works click here
The Body Parts Series - collages
to see a selection of works click here





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