NATHALIE EDET French Painter | Lives and works in Nantes, France
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After graduating from Law School, taught in graduate schools then worked in human resources until the end of the 90’s when she joined the “Ateliers des Arts Plastiques of the city of Lyon” and studied Tribal Arts in depth.

My free spirit approach to non formal painting allows me to better adapt to Tribal Arts, my primary source of inspiration; It allows me to dive intuitively, liberated, into the creative process.

I use acrylic and mixed media, thus giving predominance to the figurative Tribal Art of Black Africa where mystic and magic tie the object to nature, like the visible world ties to the invisible. My work can be seen as a quest of a cross-road of aesthetics’ and the sacred provoking in us a liberation of the learned to attain the Truth. My work is issued from all forms of rational and calls for a collective memory where each one can find his/her own niche.

  • Galerie Sainte-Hélène, Lyon
  • Galerie Atelier des Ombres, Lyon
  • Galerie 18, Vannes
  • Galerie ECL, Gap
  • Galerie de Briord, Nantes
  • Galerie 49, Angers
  • Galerie de l’Impasse, Lyon
  • Galerie Anne Cadres, Saumur
  • Galerie Anaïs, Lyon
  • Galerie Pigments et Matières, Pont-Aven
  • Galerie Spolnik, Val de Marne - Paris
  • Galerie Weider, Ste Anne d’Auray
  • Salon de la Jeune Création (Albigny)
  • Marché d’Art Contemporain Espace Charenton, Paris
  • Exposition Art Contemporain Domaine de la Varende, Lyon
  • Galerie de Briord, Nantes
  • Galerie Anne Cadres, Saumur
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Nathaie Edet: Asiafrica - mixed media
acrylic and mixed media on canvas
36 x 28 3/4 in.
(92 x 73 cm.)
Nathalie Edet: Burki Nwantanty - mided media
Burki Nwantantay
acrylic and mixed media
39 3/8 x 31 7/8 in.
(100 x 81 cm.)
Nathalie Edet: Monde Invisible - mixed media
Monde Invisible
acrylic and mixed media on canvas
36 x 28 3/4 in.
(92 x 73 cm.)