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Joelle Deroy - solo exhibition -
May 21-27, 2013 @ the Brick Lane Gallery - London

No (Speed) Limit | Pop Art Plexi Event - Simultaneous exhibition @ ADVANCY - Paris (France) & ADVISIA, Sao Paolo (Brazil) - June 2012PRESS RELEASE

Joelle Deroy in her London studio
Joelle in her London Studio
Joelle in her Paris Studio
executed in the Sassi-Milici Studio in Vallauris
under the guidance of Francis Milici, the renowned ceramist

more information about the Galerie & Studio Sassi-Milici
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Artist’s statement
Life is a mystery and “the entire world is a stage”: well the art object is inducing a game, a distance to be created between the viewer and the art object, which allows the viewer to better grasp his own reality or essence.
More precisely, in order to truly engage the viewer in looking and therefore seeing, to bring him in this “here and now” place that we tend so often to elude, I like to create art works where what is to be seen is not too obvious (for instance monochromatic paintings such as “The unknown” which I derived from the character “Phantasm”, or the ceramic “Against all odds”-inspired by the character “River”- where form and colors somehow contradict each other). The silent conversation thus engaged between the art piece and the viewer, will make him or her exist. For we exist –or have a feeling of our own being- mainly in the eyes of others or, in that particular case, through the reflection of our own eyes in the art work.

This is also why I am very found of creating a piece for someone: out of empathy, it allows me to create the art piece that I feel is needed by that particular person, to balance or help blossom his or her self. It goes beyond the recognition of others particular tastes and is, in my view, not dissimilar to the actor empathy for his or her character.

In addition to colors and strokes or lines, the medium I choose is obviously very significant, for each medium tends to convey a different form of sensuality. Watercolor is one of my favorites –as it conveys so naturally breathe. Yet I do have at the same time a very strong connection with earthy mediums –such as powder stones and clay: they allow me to create art works which seam to be born from themselves, a world of their own coming to rise with apparent ease.

I am always puzzled by the recognition that one brushstroke will be meaningful… and not the other one. To find that stroke is my quest, Prometheus stone to be pushed again and again: whatever brush stroke I painted before, needs to be reinvented again: no fear, no attachment, but an infinite new beginning.

Collaboration with the following art galleries
2013 Brick Lane Gallery, London UK.
Galerie Sassi-Milici, Vallauris, France
  L'Atelier Gallery, Zermatt, Switzerland

Drew Art Gallery, Sparta, New Jersey

2004 Galerie des Lys - 41 E. 60th St., New York, NY 1022
Capricorne Art Gallery, Zermatt, Switzerland
French & American
1991-1997 Maniglier Art Studio, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
1985-1988 H.E.C. (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales), Jouy-en-Josas, France
Business major and Art minor, including international studies in the U.S.A. (U.C. Berkeley) and in Italy (Universita Bocconi, Milan)
Solo Exhibitions
2013 Brick Lane Gallery, London UK.
May 21-27, 2013
2012 No (Speed) Limit | Pop Art Plexi Event - Simultaneous exhibition @ ADVANCY - Paris (France) & ADVISIA, Sao Paolo (Brazil) - June, 2012 | PRESS RELEASE
2009 Farewell Exibition - In Motion - June 30th.
Launching of an alternate exhibition space, downtown Tribeca space prior to Deroy's move abroad.
2007 Deroy | Milici: The painter and the ceramist: Encounter in the French tradition of Vallauris.
A lecture by Joëlle Deroy, together with an exhibition of selected cecamics she created in the Sassi-Milici Atelier.
Exhibition and conference at the FIAF (French Institute/Alliance Française) in New York
Tuesday December 4 at 6:30 p.m.
Paintings and Ceramics by Joëlle Deroy, solo show sponsored by The Corcoran Group, New York, NY, October 2007
  Joëlle Deroy | Splashes - New Paintings
Pierre's Restaurant
2468 Main Street, Bridgehampton, NY 11932
May 30 - June 27, 2007
2006 In the Rough - One person show - sponsored by Douglas Elliman, New York, NY, December, 2006
Media coverage: TV Channel 11, Evening News, December 2006

Joëlle Deroy - “By the Sea”,
Ezair Gallery, Southampton, New York, July 8-31, 2006 |

Joëlle Deroy - “Beauty Concept, Vibrations Beyond”,
Ezair Gallery, New York, May 1-31, 2006 |
2004-2005 Joëlle Deroy - "Calligraphic Paintings" - works inspired by Chinese and Japanese arts
November 16, 2004 - January 15, 2005
Le Consulat Général de France, New York, NY | PRESS RELEASE
2004 Joelle Deroy, French/Texan Artist - Solo Exhibitor at 26th Annual International ARTEXPO, New York
February 26 - March 1, 2004 - Jacob Javits Convention Center - New York City
2003 Joelle Deroy - Paintings & Works on Paper
Sunday December 14, 2003
Gotham Building, New York, NY
  Fusion - Paintings & Works on Paper, Monique Geraud Gallery, New York, NY 10021, June 28- July 24
  Works on Easel - Paintings & Works on Paper, May, Gotham building, New York, NY
Privately curated exhibition featuring Nathalie Forneri and Joëlle Deroy, New York, NY
Galerie du Centre Culturel Arturo-Lopez in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Selected Group Exhibitions
2010 Joelle Deroy | Paris La Defense - New York: an artist perspective on transcultural business environments | New photographs & Mixed media
The Ceres Gallery, New York, NY (Chelsea) - November 30 - December 4, 2010
2009 Ceres Gallery, Chelsea, New York, Tuesday December 15 - Saturday December 19, 2009 | PRESS RELEASE
  AAF - The Affordable Art Fair, New York City, May 7-10 with Living with Art, New York, NY
2008 Cue Art Foundation, New York, NY
Splashes was exhibited - read the article
2007 Sacred Ways: A Spiritual Journey to the East, Paintings & Mixed Media Works, Tria Gallery, New York, NY, June 7-July 20
2005 Masters' Mystery Art Show, The Ritz Carlton, South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida
  Joëlle Deroy & Susana Falconi - "Abstraction | Surrealism", The Gotham, New York, June 9 | PRESS RELEASE
2004 Women in the Arts 2004, LATIN AMERICAN ART MUSEUM, Miami, Florida, March 12-31
Dime Bank in Manhattan, New York
Fabrizio Art Studio in Manhattan, New York
New Century Artists Art Gallery in Soho, New York
Maniglier Art Studio in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Club International du Droit et de l’Economie in Paris, France
Selected Private Collections
In France, Switzerland, Japan and the U.S.A
2006 Best of New York Artists & Artisans (to be published shortly)
Reviews & Articles
2006 New York Art Magazine
  China Arts Magazine
  Art Fairs International Magazine
2005 France-Amerique Newspaper (International Edition of the Figaro)
ArtNewsChannel (Online news and press releases exclusively for the arts)
2003 Ponteiro award: Elected week's best artist
Professional Affiliation
  Member, AAIA (National Association of Independent Artists)


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