Carlos Ayala

Painter and Portraitist

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Carlos Ayala: Portraitist: "Quinceanera"

Born: Zamora, Mexico

Originally a self-taught artist, having painted for many years and made a serious study of the media and techniques of Caravaggio and Titian. Educated in Mexico, Spain and the United States, he entered the Roman Catholic seminary system, completing studies for the priesthood. After leaving the seminary, before ordination, he received the International Scholarship from the Graduate Painting Department of Savannah College of Art and Design where he continued to refine his techniques.

Besides working on paintings based on specific themes (such as man's coevolving relationship with animals and the human dance of death), Ayala has more recently pursued an active involvement in portraiture. These paintings are scheduled to be exhibited in New York in 2002.

His paintings are in the collections of Mary Michieli Rollins, Houston, Texas; Rev. Alan Weilinski, Minnesota; Guadalupe Guerrero, Chiapas, Mexico; Prof Robert Stefanotti, Rome, Italy; Isabelle Fleuriet, Paris, France; Michael Selleck, New York City, Will Mazza, New York City, Dr. Elliot Jacobs, New York City.
Fall 1996 Danza Macabra, Artopia Gallery, New York City
Summer 1992 Mexican Art Today, Pelican Rapids, Minnesota
Summer 1995 Group Show, Forum Gallery, New York City
Winter 1996 Inclusion in Miami International Art Fair
Spring 1996 Group Show, Artopia Gallery, New York City
Fall 1996 Latin American Week, Artopia, New York City Logo
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