Joseph F. Zeis (Wolf)
430 South Olds Blvd. Apt 203
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Objective: To exhibit and sell art work in an art gallery

Artist Statement

"During the 1970's and the 80's there seemed to be a stagnation of the imagination in art. Particularly in styles.

During the course of my life I made it a goal to try new frontiers in art. A book by Raymond F. Piper and Lila K. Piper, copyright 1975, and the work of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol has lead me to two directions in art; that of spiritual cosmic projectionism, exhibits nos. 9 -10-11-13-22-30-31 (The Spirit Moves..)

Next came pop expressionism, exhibits nos. 17-18-19-20-21-23 (Happy Piggies). 24-26-27-29. In pop expressionism I use clippings from various media to form a story or an expression in a collage type format on variou substrates and in different types of media combined.

In spiritual cosmic projectionism, as in cerlean photography, the spirit of both humans and animals is projected from the body. I believe all living things have a spirit. The spirit therefore corresponds to living form.

Please pass my explorations on to other artists."

Joseph F. Zeis
November 15, 1997


23 - Happy Piggies, 1993
Airbrushed enamels on canvas with marker
48 x60"
Price: $6,000.00

31 - The Spirit Moves, 1996
Oils on 1/4" sintra plastic and photograph
27 x 57"
Price: $6,800.00
25 - A Tribute to Led Zeppelin, 1993
Airbrushed enamels on 1/2" duraply and
cut and shaped luan board.
48 x 43"
Price: $7,500.00
Art Exhibit Listing


1976 Pressures, painted plaster sculpture, 15" high.
The hands symbolize life's pressures coming from all sides. They press on the head.


1976 Face the Nation, wood and plaster sculpture hanging, 20 x 22".
A comical play on a popular television show.


1976 Microscopic Kiss, chemical etching, 9 x l2 1/2".
Two microscopic organisms are locked in a passionate kiss as seen through a microscope. Comical.




1977 Nova, chemical etching print, 10 x l0".
A look at the moment the sun explodes which interupts an otherwise tranquil day catching a man as he rests in a rocking chair.


1977 Beckoning Death after the Blast, lithograph print, 10 x l4".
Death, along with pet cat and owl beckons to all following a nuclear explosion.


1978 Misconstrued, plaster sculpture, 14 x l4 x l9".
A solemn figure of a man stands amid creatures quite different from himself which seem to stare in puzzlement.


1981 Scarecrow, oils on canvas board, 16 x 2l".
The scarecrow. What better way than this to illustrate that god's religions gain strength through fear. The scarecrow appears crucified.


1981 Ritual Dance, oils on canvas, 30 x 40".
The first of my "projectionist" paintings. Celebrators, probably jewish, rejoice in praise as a rabbi goes by in solemn prayer. In "projectionism" the spirit of both animals and humans alike can be seen projecting from the body almost abstractly simular to cerulean photography.


1981 Circus Rider, acrylic & tempera on poster board, 22 x 26".
A little girl on a cicus horse gallops around the ring.


1982 The Ascension , oils on canvas, 42 x 52".
Christ's greatest day and my third "projectionist" style painting. Full of energy with the orange circles representing compressed energy in full force. The colors are pastel in hue in celebration of Easter.


1981 Plague of the Pagans, oils on canvas board, 26 x 32".
Death and dragons make siege on the pagans. The wolves symbolize the plague. This is an illustration inspired by the works of Frazetta and Corben.


1982 Seated Spirit, graphite on paper, 18 x 24".
My fourth "projectionist" style work shows the spirit seated in an arm chair with a picture of an upside down onyx symbolizing death.


1988 Blue Angel, design marker on vinyl, 13 x l7".
Sexy angel removes her halo in presence of a smiling demon. Designed for a man's truck of the same name when I was in business.


1990 Cat Queen, airbrushed enamels on 1/2 inch duraply plywood, 26 x 76".
Used as an advertisement for airbrushing, this work, inspired by Frazetta, illustrates a cat queen in repose.


1990 Mermaid Imprisoned, airbrushed enamels on 1/2 inch spruce, 26 x 76".
This accompanied Cat queen. It shows a ship imprisoned by two magical mermaids in an undersea bubble.


1991 Self Portrait, collage, marker & acrylic on paper, 14 x 18".
The first of what I term "Pop Expressionism" in which I use magazine photos to make artwork with expression. This expresses my frame of mind in 1991.


1991 Self Portrait in Paranoia, collage & marker on paper, 14 x l8".This, another pop expressionist work, shows me in a paranoid funk.


1991 Dr. Butterfly, collage, marker & acrylic, 14 x l8".
I once knew a doctor that would administer steroids for muscle growth or estrogen for femininity as desired. This pop expressionistic piece is about him who I call doctor butterfly.


1991 The Leaper, acrylic & marker on paper, 14 x l8".
I once jumped off a bridge. This piece interprets that act.


1991 The Prisoneer, collage & marker on paper, 14 x l8".
This piece expresses what it's like to be beaten and locked in a cell.


1993 The Crucifixion, oils on canvas, 36 x 60".
Christ's Death. Although a projectionist style painting it doesn't seem so because the spirit has left the body leaving only a lifeless shell which is painted green to signify death and royalty.


1993 Happy Piggies, airbrushed enamels on canvas with marker, 48 x60".
My grandest pop expressionist work to date. Collage forming a story expression from the media. In this piece dementia pervades the mind of this hunger starved young boy in africa.


1993 Portrait of Robert Thompson, airbrushed enamels on 1/2" duraply and 1/4" cut out luan board.
2 1/2' x 48".
A friend since childhood, I wanted to capture likes past and present to capture his personality using a variety of materials.


1993 A Tribute to Led Zeppelin, airbrushed enamels on 1/2" duraply and cut and shaped luan board.
48 x 43".
I liked Bob's portrait so much that I decided to do one on a grand scale.


1993 Self Portrait, airbrushed-enamel on duraply. 32 1/2 x 48".
A self portrait painted in pop expressionist style.


1993 Crucifixion by Drugs, airbrushed enamels on 1/2" duraply, 32 1/2 x 48".
Drug dealers crucify their customers with drugs by ruining Christ's word, freedom and goodness.


1993 Nasty, Nasty, Nasty, enamels on 1/2" duraply, 32 1/2 x 48".
Pop art painting shows my like and use of borders. Here a girl in a bar has a nasty attitude. Inspired by pop artists.


1993 The Mind of a Serial Killer, airbrushed enamels on duraply. 32 1/2 x 48".
Pop expressionist painting shows the demon is in the minds of man.


Unholy Eucharist, oils, marker, fluorescent enamel on 1/4 in. cintra plastic, 36 x 32 in.
Projectionist style illustrates a satanic blasphemous act of having a communion with a black host which is symbolic of desacration and tribute to the other side, Lucifer.


1996 The Spirit Moves, oils on 1/4" sintra plastic and photograph, 27 x 57".
My last painting done in projectionist style shows Lucifer on the left and God on the right. If good, the spirit moves on both sides. God was painted years earlier and given as a gift to a friend, but a photograph of the work has been incorporated into the piece to make one complete piece.

Biographical Notes

Emplyment History


Zeis Sign Company, Morrisville, PA.
Owner/Operator: Completed all duties of owning a business, ordered supplies, bookkeeping, directed and coordinated all activities of the business, delegated responsibility, managed a small staff. Operated vinyl letter graphic computer, cranes and auger. Designed, painted and airbrushed signs, wall murals, billboards, logos, vans and trucks.


Trane CAC, Trenton, NJ
Forklift Accumalator: Responsible for supplying parts to steel fab warehouse. Operated Punchpress Roll Form Machine.


Bucks Co. Community College, Newtown, PA. Associate Degree in Art, June, 1978.


Tandy Management Training Course, Palmyra, NJ.
Areas of concentration: Business Management


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