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ArtistRegister Members living in Spain

Knaus, Birgitte
Birgitte Knaus, Portraitist; (b. Austria; lives and works in London, England & Barcelona, Spain)
Birgitte has established a wide international reputation. Sha has been acclaimed and commissioned in Austria, England, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, the Philippines, Spain, Switzerland and extensively in the U.S.A. (Birgitte is Tilmans’ sister)

Knaus, Tilman
Tilman Knaus, Painter; (b. Chile; lives and works in Ibiza, Spain.)
A magic Realist Painter with a passion for tropical landscapes and abandoned cars and engines. These themes come together in his paintings to create a realistic fantasy world in which invincible nature is portrayed in stark contrast to the inevitable decay of man's own creations, which nature is shown as if devouring. (Tilman is Birgittes’ brother)