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Bigar, Nicole
Nicole Bigar: Painter & Sculptor.
Lives and works in New York and East Hampton, New York.

Brisbois, Patrice
Patrice Brisbois, Painter, Sculptor, Craftsman, Printmaker & Book Illustrator; (French; lives and works in Paris, France.)
Brisbois’ great sense of humor is always present in any of his works, paintings, sculptures or functional objects.

Hourdé, Daniel
Daniel Hourdé: Sculptor, Painter & Draughtsman
(French, lives and works in Paris)

Ibsen, Annick
Annick Ibsen: Sculptor, Ceramist
(Lives and works in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.)

Knowlton, Grace
Grace Knowlton: Painter, sculptor and photographer. (American, lives and works in Rockland County, New York.)
Her work has been included in many major exhibitions and is in permanent collections of major museums and corporate collections.