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Brisbois, Patrice
Patrice Brisbois, Painter, Sculptor, Craftsman, Printmaker & Book Illustrator; (French; lives and works in Paris, France.)
Brisbois’ great sense of humor is always present in any of his works, paintings, prints, sculptures or functional objects.

Buffet, Bernard (estate of)
Bernard Buffet, Painter & Printmaker; (French; lived and worked in Paris and South of France.)
Achieved worldwide recognition: Japan and Germany dedicated monographical museums to his work.

Rizzi, James M.
James M. Rizzi
: Painter, Illustrator & Graphic Designer
(American, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York)

"I am inspired by the flux of the city: memories and photographs of painted elevated trains, illumin(at)ed windows in nocturnal cityscapes, broken glass shimmering in dull sidewalks, and the panoply of cultural pluralism, increasing by the day, even in a city already as diverse as New York. In the public space of the city, street artists appropriate the urban environment by layering ideas on top of one another...."

Zimmermann, René (estate of)
René Zimmermann, Painter, Printmaker and Book Illustrator; (French, 1904-1993)
Painted Paris' scenes, especially Montmartre and Provence. He befriended and painted with other artists of the School of Paris: Utrillo, Vlaminck, Maclet, Kisling and illustrated several books for Giono, Carco and Dorgelès.

The estate is represented by his son.