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New: Ron Morosan | American Painter

Achtenberg, Hannah
Hannah Achtenberg: Landscape painter
(American, lives and works in New York)
Achtenberg paints landscapes with vivid colors.

Ayala, Carlos
Carlos Ayala: Painter. (Mexican, lives and works in New Jersey)
Besides working on paintings based on specific themes (such as man's coevolving relationship with animals and the human dance of death), Ayala has more recently pursued an active involvement in portraiture.

Bigar, Nicole
Nicole Bigar: Painter & Sculptor. Lives and works in New York and East Hampton, New York.

Robert Brinker
Robert Brinker: Painter
(American, lives and works in Aspen, Colorado)

Currently Robert Brinker is making drawings on tea bags and vellum incorporating images from many sources including comic books, children's work books, and images collected from personal travels. They have all been removed from their original context and placed in a new one. He is interested in how the viewer may see these pieces as a type of storyboard installation and how narratives may change in response to the order of the images.

Brisbois, Patrice
Patrice Brisbois, Painter, Sculptor, Craftsman, Printmaker & Book Illustrator; (French; lives and works in Paris, France.)
Brisbois’ great sense of humor is always present in any of his works, paintings, sculptures or functional objects.

Brizzi, Gaetan
Gaëtan Brizzi: Painter, Draftsman, Illustrator
(born in France, lives and works in Los Angeles, California)
Currently works with his twin brother Paul on a series of illustrations of "Orlando Furioso" by Ludovico Ariosto (1474-1533).

Brizzi, Paul

Gaëtan Brizzi: Painter, Draftsman, Illustrator
(born in France, lives and works in Los Angeles, California)
Currently works with his twin brother Paul on a series of illustrations of "Orlando Furioso" by Ludovico Ariosto (1474-1533).

Buffet, Bernard

Bernard Buffet, Painter & Printmaker; (French; lived and worked in Paris and South of France.)
Achieved worldwide recognition: Japan and Germany dedicated monographical museums to his work.

Capriata, Cynthia
Cynthia Capriata, Painter & Calligrapher; (b. Perú; lives and works in New York.)
Cynthia Capriata is always inspired by calligraphy from manuscripts from the middle ages, Asia, Persia, Arabic or Judaic. Her Peruvian cultural heritage and vivid colors are incorporated in her work blending craftsmanship and a with a contemporary vision.

Deroy, Joelle
Joelle Deroy: Painter, Watercolorist & Ceramist
(French, born in Texas)
Her paintings are figurative to abstract, in a style continuing the feeling of French Impressionism but exploring modern techniques. She is inspired by the Zen approach to art and by Japanese stylization “going to the essential”.

Edet, Nathalie
Nathalie Edet: Painter
(French, lives and works in France)
Works in acrylic and mixed media with paper and textile. She finds her inspiration in Tribal Arts

Elmaleh, Victor

Victor Elmaleh
, Self-taught Painter, Watercolorist & Collagist; (b. Morocco; lives and works in New York.)
Victor Elmaleh's "imagery ranges from landscapes to biomorphic abstraction to calligraphy." "It is up to the observer to adjust to Mr. Elmaleh's unfamiliar scale, rather than to the artist to compromise with our habits of seing."

Flaure, Painter; (French; lives and works in Touraine, France.)
Flaure’s work is about her passion for feasts, travel, dreams, dance, music and views from Paris and Touraine.

Daniel Hourdé
Daniel Hourdé: Sculptor, Painter & Draughtsman
(French, lives and works in Paris)

Jeong, Huyn-Sook
Jeong, Huyn-Sook, Painter
(Korean, lives and works in Seoul, Korea)
"The title of my work is Before and After. It may be somewhat abstract, but I wanted to think about where life starts and where it flows. To me, the process of life, being created and disappearing, which follows the natural law of circulation, was incredibly mysterious..." Through the shape of the circle, she explores the natural law of circulation. She puts paint in a bottle and dripped it on the canvas slowly; the circles piling up on the canvas gives the illusion of creating stalagmites thousands of years old.

Joseph, Pamela

Pamela Joseph
: Multimedia, Installation artist & Painter
(American, lives and works in Aspen, Colorado)

New works by Pamela Joseph include new series of works on paper: The Adventures of Pussy Marshmallow, Body Parts & Roman Calendar Girls. She is also working and creating new pieces for The Sideshow of the Absurd: a traveling mechanical carnival of freaks, unatural curiosities, and other absurdities associated with the Other Sex. A multimedia installation of humorous painted banners, drawings and mechanical sculptures with carnival sounds.

Knaus, Birgitte
Birgitte Knaus, Portraitist; (b. Austria; lives and works in London, England & Ibiza, Spain.)
Birgitte has established a wide international reputation. Sha has been acclaimed and commissioned in Austria, England, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, the Philippines, Spain, Switzerland and extensively in the U.S.A.

Knaus, Tilman
Tilman Knaus, Painter; (b. Chile; lives and works in Ibiza, Spain.)
A magic Realist Painter with a passion for tropical landscapes and abandoned cars and engines. These themes come together in his paintings to create a realistic fantasy world in which invincible nature is portrayed in stark contrast to the inevitable decay of man's own creations, which nature is shown as if devouring.

Knowlton, Grace
Grace Knowlton: Painter, sculptor and photographer. (American, lives and works in Rockland County, New York.)
Her work has been included in many major exhibitions and is in permanent collections of major museums and corporate collections.

Leonardi, Hector
Hector Leonardi: Painter
(American, lives and works in New York, NY & Bridgehampton)
For Leonardi, an abstract painter, color is a primary element.


Macgibeny, Painter; (American, works and lives in New York.)
Became a professional painter thirty years ago. He opted to paint in an expressionistic style combining found objects with the paintings.

Moloster: painter
(Israeli-born Naif painter. Currently lives in works in Paris, France)

Monreal, Andrés
Andrés Monreal, Painter; (Chilean; b. Santiago, Chile; lives and works in Paris, France.)
The painter of fantastic reality.

Nestares, Jean
Jean Nestares: Painter, watercolorist, illustrator & author

Nishikawa, Toshiko
Toshiko Nishikawa: Painter
(Japanese, lives and works in New York)

Rizzi, James M.
James M. Rizzi
: Painter, Illustrator & Graphic Designer
(American, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York)

"I am inspired by the flux of the city: memories and photographs of painted elevated trains, illumin(at)ed windows in nocturnal cityscapes, broken glass shimmering in dull sidewalks, and the panoply of cultural pluralism, increasing by the day, even in a city already as diverse as New York. In the public space of the city, street artists appropriate the urban environment by layering ideas on top of one another...."

Tenenbaum, Gary
Gary Tenenbaum
, Painter
(American, lives and works in New York.)
Abstract painter

Texier, Richard
Richard Texier: Painter & Sculptor
(French, lives and works in France)

Through his large body of works, large scale paintings and monumental sculptures, Richard Texier continues to explore his fascination for nature and cosmos. His work incorporates oceans, the earth, the moon, astronomical charts and narrative statements. He has had several one-man shows in major museums throughout the world.

Triana, Gladys
Gladys Triana, Painter and Installation artist; (American, b. Cuba; lives and works in New York.)
Triana’s “enigmatic, almost musical variations on the difficulty of relating place and memory” reminds us of Klee and Xul Solar.

Von Fach, Alberto
Von Fach: sculptor and painter
(Chilean-born French sculptor and painter, Currently lives in works in Paris, France)
His passion is to
carve the hardest, oldest, woods, the most brittle semi precious stones.

Zeis, Joseph F. (Wolf)
Joseph Zeis (Wolf), Painter; (American, lives and works in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)
"During the 1970's and the 80's there seemed to be a stagnation of the imagination in art, particularly in styles.” Among other works, there is his pop expressionist tribute to Led Zeppelin.

Zimmermann, René (Estate of)
René Zimmermann, Painter, Printmaker and Book Illustrator; (French, 1904-1993)
Painted Paris' scenes, especially Montmartre and Provence. He befriended and painted with other artists of the School of Paris: Utrillo, Vlaminck, Maclet, Kisling and illustrated several books for Giono, Carco and Dorgelès.

The estate is represented by his son.