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Emerging Artists

Brinker, Robert
Robert Brinker: Painter
(American, lives and works in Aspen, Colorado)

Currently Robert Brinker is making drawings on tea bags and vellum incorporating images from many sources including comic books, children's work books, and images collected from personal travels. They have all been removed from their original context and placed in a new one. He is interested in how the viewer may see these pieces as a type of storyboard installation and how narratives may change in response to the order of the images.

Deroy, Joelle
Joelle Deroy: Painter & Watercolorist
(French, born in Texas)
Her paintings are figurative to abstract, in a style continuing the feeling of French Impressionism but exploring modern techniques. She is inspired by the Zen approach to art and by Japanese stylization “going to the essential”.
Daniel Hourdé
Daniel Hourdé: Sculptor, Painter & Draughtsman
(French, lives and works in Paris)
Rizzi, James M.
James M. Rizzi
: Painter, Illustrator & Graphic Designer
(American, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York)

"I am inspired by the flux of the city: memories and photographs of painted elevated trains, illumin(at)ed windows in nocturnal cityscapes, broken glass shimmering in dull sidewalks, and the panoply of cultural pluralism, increasing by the day, even in a city already as diverse as New York. In the public space of the city, street artists appropriate the urban environment by layering ideas on top of one another...."
Wasserman, Sherry
Sherry Wasserman
: Photographer
(American, lives and works in New York)
Her work includes books made of a combination of handmade and found objects, silver gelatin prints, color photographs and digital works.


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